Windows Phone User Guide

General Information

The "Tether It" app for Windows Phone 8 implements WiFi tethering for Windows based laptops and PCs, without requiring a tethering plan from your carrier. You use this app to share your smart phone's Internet connection with your computer (over WiFi) by following a few simple steps.

Tether It uses the Wireless Hosted Network feature supported on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and newer Windows operating systems. You also need a Hosted Network capable wireless adapter in your laptop/PC. Most newer computers use such an adapter. If your PC is running any pre-Windows 7 operating system or uses a wireless adapter that is not capable of supporting Hosted Networks, then Tether It will not function for you. (The easiest way to find out if your system has the required hardware and software is to download Tether It and give it a try!)

WPA2 based security is used over the WiFi network to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to your tethering network (e.g. at an airport or other public places).

The Tether It app is very simple to use. There is no need to enter any commands at the Windows command prompt. Also, this app does not use any proxy server, so there is no proxy setting changes required in the browser (or anywhere else on your PC).

ALL applications running on your PC will be able to use the Internet connection provided by your smart phone. The tethering created by Tether It is not limited to the PC's browser only. For example, you can run your company's VPN over the tethered connection, or any other non-browser based application, such as Outlook, etc.

In order to provide ease-of-use and tethering services to ALL applications running on your PC, Tether It requires a small driver/application on the PC side. Please get this from:

The Tether It app is free to download and try. The free version will limit the tethering time to 5 to 6 minutes. If you are happy with its performance and ease-of-use, please do an in-app purchase to remove this restriction.

Detailed Instructions

One-time Setup

(Please note that you will need administrative privileges on your PC to install and run the software.)

Download the Universal (32/64 bit) driver/application (TetherIt-PC) for Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and newer Operating Systems from:

Unzip the downloaded file by double-clicking on it. Then install the TetherIt-PC.msi file by double-clicking on it. This will install a network driver and a small Windows application (TetherIt-PC) on your PC.

The TetherIt-PC application is written using Microsoft's .NET framework 3.5. Windows 7 uses this version of .NET framework. On other versions of Windows, if .NET 3.5 framework is not already installed, the Windows operating system will detect this, and guide you to download/install it.

Start the TetherIt-PC application on your PC. You can get to TetherIt-PC by clicking on Start - All Programs. For convenience, you can create short-cuts to this application on your desktop or taskbar.

If desired, change the default SSID and Password to something of your liking.

Start Tethering

1. Start TetherIt-PC application on your PC. Windows will display a "User Account Control" message box asking your permission to continue. Click the "Yes" button. Then click on the "Create Tethering Network" button.

1a. You may see a message box from the Windows Firewall about blocking some features of this application. Please make sure that the "Private Networks" check-box is checked and click on the "Allow access" button. Your PC may display a "Set Network Location" dialog box for you to choose the network type for this new connection (e.g. Home, Work, etc.). You can select "Home" as the network type. These dialog boxes will come up first time only.

2. Start Tether It app on your smart phone and click on the button to go to "Settings/WiFi" screen.

3. On the "Settings/Wi-Fi" screen, connect to the WiFi network created by your PC. First time you will be prompted for Password. (SSID and Password are shown on the TetherIt-PC application screen.)

4. Use the phone's "Back" button to come back to the Tether It app and click on the "Start/Stop Tethering" button to start tethering.

Stop Tethering

1. Click on the "Start/Stop Tethering" button in the Tether It app.

2. Click on the "Destroy Tethering Network" button in the TetherIt-PC application. Click on the "Exit" button to terminate the application.

Mobile Data Usage

The amount of up/down-stream traffic is displayed on the Tether It screen.



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