Welcome! If you wish to use GrooVe IP for business, especially if you require multiple phone numbers, please use GrooVe IP – Commercial.


How to Use

  1. From out web site
    • Phone Number Managements
      • You can search for phone numbers in the area code of your choice
      • You can acquire phone number(s)
      • You can release phone number(s)
    • View usage per phone number
      • You can view your Call Detail Records (CDRs or a log of all your incoming or outgoing phone calls) for up to the past one year
      • You can view your incoming and outgoing SMS activity for up to the past one year
    • Deposit funds to your account
  2. Using our simple, yet secure APIs from your server
    • You can perform all the same phone number management tasks described above
    • You can send SMS messages using any of your phone number
    • You can receive SMS messages for all of your phone numbers (incoming only, or both incoming and outgoing). We can “push” the SMS messages to your server in real-time, or you can “pull” them at your convenience.
    • (To use our APIs, you will need your Customer ID and Secret Key—these will be provided to you when you create your account)

Client Software

  • Download the enterprise version of GrooVe IP, free of charge, and use it as your SIP client for a full calling and SMS/MMS solution. You will need to enter your phone number specific credentials in the app. These credentials will be provided when you acquire a phone number.
  • Postpaid: To setup a postpaid account, please contact us at support@snrblabs.com. There are discounts available to high-usage customers and/or if you have more than 100 phone numbers. You need to have a postpaid account to enjoy these discounts.

To get started, please create an account by using the “Sign-up” button. If you already have an account, please log in by using the “Sign-in” button.