GrooVe Forwarder does not sign-in to Google Voice

The sign-in screen should return an error if sign-in fails.

If the sign-in screen error indicates your username or password is invalid:

  • Ensure you entered the correct username and password
  • GrooVe Forwarder can only work with Google Voice accounts linked to gmail or Ensure the username you are using is either a gmail or accounts.
  • If you are using Google's 2-step authentication, please follow the Google 2-step authentication steps below
  • Try re-installing GrooVe Forwarder

If the sign-in screen error indicates a timeout or network error:

  • Your network likely blocks either port TCP 5222 or Please ensure those are opened on your network firewall

No error is returned or the app stays signing in and doesn't return:

  • Your network likely blocks either port TCP 5222 or Please ensure those are opened on your network firewall
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Does GrooVe Forwarder Require a Data Connection

Yes, GrooVe Forwarder requires a data connection to work.

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How can I sign-in if I use Google's 2-step authentication

If you have 2-step authentication set up with Google, GrooVe Forwarder doesn't have a separate authentication process for this. However, Google makes available a method to add trusted services. To do so, you have to perform the following:

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. On the upper-right corner, click on your Gmail address (which has a small triangle pointing down), and select Account settings
  3. Click Authorizing applications & sites
  4. Verify your credentials if prompted
  5. Enter GrooVe Forwarder for the name of the application and click Generate password
  6. In GrooVe Forwarder, enter this password instead of your Gmail password (spaces don't matter)
  7. You should now be able to log in with GrooVe Forwarder
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The app opens but I get an error saying the application is not licensed

The app uses the Android License Check. Sometimes the license check fails or the server returns an incorrect response. We've found restarting your device generally fixes the error. Another solution that worked for some people is to click Buy on the pop-up and then click open from the Android Market (it won't charge you again, it will take you to the Android Market)

Of course, if you are using a pirated version of the app, you will be getting the "Application Not Licensed" message for a legitimate reason!

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What are the ports used by GrooVe Forwarder?

For registration, GrooVe Forwarder communicates with over TCP port 5222.

  • TCP 19294
  • UDP 19295
  • UDP 19302

The ports for voice traffic are configurable from the Troubleshooting settings. In older versions of the app local UDP ports 19003 and 19004 are used for voice and are not configurable.

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The market says "purchased" but the app download doesn't start

Please contact Android Market Support. The Android market is responsible for all billing and distribution related issues.

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I have a problem that is not covered here

Please contact us! We will be happy to work with you.

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Does Google Voice Allow for the Forwarding of Text Messages

No, unfortunately the Google Voice API does not allow text forwarding at this time.

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Does GrooVe Forwarder have Support to Multiple Google Accounts

No not at this time, however this is a planned future feature.


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